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Nominate a Citizen of the Year or People, Pride and Progress Recipient

Each January the Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce (VACC) recognizes and awards a citizen with the distinction of being named “Citizen of the Year.” This award was established to honor community leaders whose service has had a profound impact on the quality of life for Versailles and its surrounding communities.

The People Pride and Progress Award was instituted to recognize and honor groups/organizations for their contributions to Versailles and its surrounding communities.

            The responsibility of nominating peers is an open privilege of significant importance. The VACC relies on these nominations as we compile and review the letters for an informed recommendation of names to be presented on the ballot. The winners of the Citizen of the Year award and the People, Pride, and Progress award are decided by a majority vote from the VACC Board of Directors.

            The nomination process rests primarily upon neighbors, coworkers, and those citizens grateful for those community-minded individuals, and groups, who have dedicated their time for the good of the people and their community. The award is based on one’s philanthropic merits rather than their occupation or personal resources, for this reason, past recipients of this award have come from diverse backgrounds. Undoubtedly potential candidates are overlooked because a letter is not submitted on their behalf or because the letter of recommendation lacks content. There is no limit on the length or specific format of nomination letters, however, it is best to concentrate on providing facts, details, various viewpoints, and other pertinent information to give the committee a thorough understanding of your nominee. Never assume a past nomination letter is sufficient; it’s advisable to resubmit or update previous submissions.


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